Are schnauzers good apartment dogs

Are Schnauzers Good Apartment Dogs?

Are schnauzers good apartment dogs? Yes, Schnauzers are good apartment dogs. Especially the miniature and standard-sized schnauzers but you can even keep a giant schnauzer in an apartment if you plan enough exercise time for them. Schnauzers are generally very easy to train, so they can quickly learn to respect the boundaries of living in …

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do schnauzers howl

Do Schnauzers Howl?

Do Schnauzers howl? Yes, Schnauzers can howl, but not all Schnauzers will exhibit this behavior. Howling is a natural form of communication for dogs, and Schnauzers may howl to communicate with other dogs, seek attention, or express their frustration or anxiety. It’s important for pet owners to understand why their Schnauzer is howling and address …

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