Are Schnauzers Good with Cats (The Answers You Have Been Waiting on)

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Are Schnauzers good with cats? Schnauzers generally do well with other family pets, but it can take them ample time to get along with the cats. Many families today have cats and schnauzers as family members. The way you introduce them matters. Remember that schnauzers are ratty, and there is a tendency for them to chase the cats all about the house.

It really depends on whether you are bringing a new kitten home or an older cat. If you are bringing in or adopting an older cat that is already set in its ways and may have prior experience with a dog, then it can be a little more challenging.

On the other hand, if you are bringing home a kitten, then you can introduce your Schnauzer to the kitten with supervision so that you can observe the interaction between the kitten and your Schnauzer. This can be a really important time to address concerns you may have.

In this blog, you will learn how Schnauzers are with cats and other pets as well as some of our top tips for keeping a Schnauzer on good terms with a cat.

Are Schnauzers Good With Cats?

In most situations, Schnauzers can be good with cats or other pets in your house as long as you are able to supervise the first meetings of the animals and make any necessary adjustments to their routine or behavior.

One way to make first-time introductions between Schnauzers and cats easier is if you have a glass door in your house. This can be a glass door going from your kitchen or living space to the patio or just in between rooms. Allow the Schnauzer and the cat to be on opposite sides of the glass door during this introduction time.

This makes sure that they are both safe for the introductions but also allows them to see each other and get some initial sniffs through the door. You can use this door to prevent bad first reactions.

You can slowly crack the door open to get them closer together. If you need to do this a couple of times to really get an idea of how they will react to each other, that is ok too.

If you have a schnauzer puppy and are wanting to get a kitten, this is a perfect time to introduce a kitten as they are both young and will have plenty of time to grow up together. This will help form a bond between them.

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Are Schnauzers Good With Cats

Do Schnauzers Get Along With Kittens?

Yes, Schnauzers can get along with kittens with the proper training and supervision. If you are able to supervise the introduction between the kitten and Schnauzer you can observe how they will act with each other.

Kittens are very playful and sometimes like to play rough or run around which can trigger the playful side of your Schnauzer. Schnauzers are a very playful and high-energy breed that will sometimes chase the kittens around.

It is best if you can supervise this in the early days so that you can see how they behave together.

Are Miniature Schnauzers Good With Cats?

Miniature schnauzers and cats can become the very best buddies and co-exist amicably and peacefully together. As a member of the dog toy group, the miniature schnauzer is a perfect breed of dog that can fit as a suitable dog breed of dog breed for a cat; miniature schnauzers score 3 out of 5 on the scale ranking of dog breeds that get along with cats. Training is the most crucial thing in the life of a miniature schnauzer. 

One of the most important lessons of their training is: to accept other family pets as members of their family. If the miniature schnauzer is well trained, the next thing is how you introduce the cat and the miniature schnauzer to each other.

It would be best if you did it in such a way that the miniature schnauzer understands its place and the cat’s space in the house. The cat might not allow the dog to sniff him the first time, but with time, they’ll get along peacefully.

are schnauzers good with cats

Miniature schnauzers might chase after local cats because they have the instinct to chase smaller animals, but that doesn’t mean they’ll do that to their cat family member.

Are Standard Schnauzers Good With Cats?

Standard schnauzers are cat-friendly dogs, and they are brilliant dogs; the oldest among the schnauzer breed, and they belong to the working group of dogs, and they need consistent socialization.

This frequent socialization is what makes them differentiate everyday situations from threats. Standard schnauzers score 4 out of 5 on the scale ranking of dog breeds that get along with cats. They may be aggressive and chase cats that are not part of their family, but they get along with other family pets.

Standard schnauzers are highly intelligent, and when trained to understand and abide by proper acceptable social behaviors, they won’t have any problem with the family cat. They might have a problem with the local one, though!

Are Giant Schnauzers Good With Cats?

Giant schnauzers are imposing dogs, and they are aggressive towards other animals and pets alike. They are a member of the working group of dogs. It’s not inappropriate to see their owners keep them as the only pets or have them in pairs.

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They should not be left alone with other pets, and you will need a whole bunch of time to train them to accept any other pet as a family member. They are very loyal to their owners, but they will not be good with cats without the proper training or attention.

This training will help them to know acceptable social behavior and will go a long way in helping them blend well with other pets to some appreciable extent.

Can Giant Schnauzers Live With Cats?

Can Giant Schnauzers live with cats? Yes, it is possible but rare. Due to the hunting instinct of a giant schnauzer, it sees other animals most often as prey. Unless you train a giant schnauzer, it won’t be able to live with a cat. The giant schnauzer will always see the cat as prey. Leaving a giant schnauzer alone with a cat is not advisable!

In order for a Giant Schnauzer to coexist with a cat, it will need considerable training and supervision until the Schnauzer is accustomed to the cat. A dog that is well-trained and socialized to both animals and people at a young age will fit in as a pet around the house.

Are Schnauzers Good With Other Pets?

Schnauzers are good with other pets. Due to the miniature schnauzer’s notable air of superiority, they tend to be assertive towards bigger dogs, and they could get into trouble with the bigger pets. Naturally, giant schnauzers are not good with other pets only if you have trained them.

Training a giant schnauzer to be good with other pets is much work, as you may achieve such success with plenty of patience and consistency. Standard schnauzers are good with other pets; dogs like them and, with training, other animals.

Are Miniature Schnauzers Good With Other Pets?

Miniature schnauzers do well with other canines. They may be erratic the first time they are in the presence of the other pet, but after a while, they will ease up.

Introduce your miniature schnauzer to the pet gradually and consistently to establish that the pets are equal members of your family. Their instincts to see smaller animals as prey might surface if you have small pets. You must train your miniature schnauzer to get used to them.

Miniature schnauzers are suitable for members of the family; training on acceptable social behavior will help them associate positively with other pets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions:

Do Schnauzers Need A Companion?

No, Schnauzers do not necessarily need a companion but they can benefit from having another Schnauzer or even another compatible animal to entertain themselves. Generally, Schnauzers that are from trusted breeders and bloodlines will have better relationships with other dogs and pets but can likely still require some training and supervised socialization to help them that other dogs and animals are friends instead of their enemies.

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Are Schnauzers Aggressive?

No, Schnauzers are not typically an aggressive breed of dog. They are playful, energetic, and good companions which makes them an excellent choice for a family pet. They can be very protective of their family.

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In Conclusion

Some people say a schnauzer is good with cats while others have said they are not so sure it works out in the long run. It may depend on how you bring them up though, as some dogs can be trained to get along well with other pets from the very beginning of their lives.

Ultimately, Schnauzers are a friendly and energetic dog breed that is social and affectionate. If you put in the time to work with your Schnauzer they can be as social and affectionate with cats as you are with them.

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